Monday, February 15, 2010

Thumbnailing begins

I was sitting in the cafe next door, drinking their special coffee, which is the only sort I know that goes grey rather than light brown when you add milk. I'm not sure I should really be drinking it, it makes me feel like I could run over the surface of a swimming pool without sinking.

Anyway... I suddenly realised that I was thoroughly miserable simply because I had not drawn anything (except a few kittens and speech bubbles) for weeks, it seems... I've been writing, and carrying things, and tidying, but not drawing.
So I went and grabbed the bag I'd made ready some time ago for drawing the graphic novel, containing the right paper and pencil, a calculator, a set square and the project notebook, and started thumbnailing.

I'd been worrying ever since I wrote the script that the pagination was off - I noted down what layout I imagined I'd use for every scene, just from picturing it in my head so I had some idea when page-turns would happen and such.

So far it actually works!


The bag, by the way, is from Muji and actually a bag-in-a-bag. They are brilliant - I can keep a whole project in one and when I want to go and work somewhere else I can chuck it into some random bigger bag and set off without having to look for bits and bobs.