Sunday, February 21, 2010

Self-promotion, meh... maybe later.

Hmm. Some days ago I put an FAQ page onto my website, and I just deleted it again. Then I made some attempts to re-design my link-section in a useful way, and postponed that, too. It's all part of the gradual overhaul of my online presence, and it's quite confusing. Sometimes I want to put advice online about making picture books, because I get asked a lot (as does every one who has at least one of them published), and I have new notions about it weekly-or-so. But then that seems just a bit wrong somehow. As if I thought myself an expert.
Wah, I dislike thinking about self-promotion. I think I'll just ignore the whole matter for now.

And now I shall find the right brush to letter the title of the Hamster book... there will be a cover soon! That is actually extremely exciting. Hah! Hooray.

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