Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mount Stuff

Wah wah wah.
I slept soundly until ten this morning, after a day of inking and walking and thinking. When I woke up I'd worked out (at last) the scene for my novel which I've been stuck on for weeks. At least I hope I worked it out.
I felt a bit like I'd be better off unscrewing all my limbs and re-assembling them in a new and experimental order because they all ached, some sort of late effect of furniture carrying I suppose. So I staid in bed another hour to read (it's Saturday after all).
Now I've had a cup of tea, and I am wondering how to put all those things in the middle of my room away sensibly. All my studio things, and all the things from the bathroom that have to be out of there awhile for reasons of renovation.
I share a room with Mount Stuff, the peak of civilisation.


Ah well, if I can find my White Stripes album I think I could tackle this...

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