Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Walk

I went out in my re-soled shoes, and they are great! It was so nice to feel all those different bumps under my feet again and grab my toes around the edge of the pavement. In the library, I scrabbled my toes about in the shoes while looking at the shelves and considering what to look at first, and I felt suddenly happy.

I read up on the Victorian sewers and lost rivers of London and took notes with a brand new fountain pen which I bought on the way. I've had the same fountain pen since I left school, and I felt like getting a slightly wider one to write bigger and bolder notes and enjoy the variation in ink that happens in a wider line. - I've been looking at blogs of people who document their experiments with different art materials, and I'm feeling inspired. After finishing a digitally coloured book really I want to re-connect with materials again, and make marks and leave traces and play with pigments and liquids and sticks of graphite and charcoal and grease. Digital work makes me feel like a ghost sometimes.

When I walked back home it was raining, and my feet got wet. So I got to try out my shoes under bad conditions, too, and all I can say is there are worse things than wet feet, I've never quite understood what the problem is with getting wet in the rain anyway when you can dry out again as soon as you're home, and as long as it's not freezing.

Also a pack of flyers for a show that I helped with arrived while I was out, and a picture of the preliminary cover of my latest book, which looks cute.

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