Friday, February 19, 2010

The end of kittens, and a near miss

The publisher who asked me to supply some kitten samples just sent me feedback, as expected they agree that my kittens don't look like kittens and that someone else should draw those kittens. I am relieved, actually. Even though I personally think they are kitten-like enough now my control group of kitten lovers tells me they are cute, but they are in fact hamsters, tiger cubs and other assorted mammals.

It's funny, I remember that was the first criticism I got when I first showed a comic to a famous illustrator when I was a teenager. "Bla bla bla perspective.... and... yeah you need to make those kittens look like kittens."
Basically: I will turn down, henceforth, any job that hinges on kittens.
The End.

I spent the day crunching down the script, and I lost 26 pages (!!!) by gentle abridging and hefty re-paneling. There are still 4 that should go, but I will take a break now and find out how serious that 90 page limit is before I crunch any more. I very much dislike having more than 9 panels on a page, I've done it wherever I could bear it. I deleted a flock of vultures and a whole page of... um... oh I forgot. Enough for today.

Tomorrow I shall help re-paint the bathroom.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

I know what you mean about his sort of thing- the relief...but these DO look like kittens!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you! Yeah... This is already a variation on what I personally think kittens look like, which is much more scrawny and savage. - The required thing, I think, is just not in my repertoire.