Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dreaming of a workshop

I just got the last load of my things out of the studio, except a chair which I couldn't carry. Now I have left and my space is taken over, and it looks very different.
My space had mainly been a fairly empty desk and some shelves waiting to be filled with art materials and objects...

I'd been hoping to get into fine art in a small way and also to make animations and a puppet theatre. I wanted to hang cardboard models above my desk and pin up maps of imaginary worlds for video games or choose-your-own-adventures or fantasy novels, and also plans for machines and anatomical studies of monsters... I imagined that in the summer there might be painters and sculptors wandering around in the yard and I could talk to them and be inspired and maybe learn how to use new materials, and I could use my space to store all the stuff I needed to make things, and make them outside in the tomato grove. But it just wasn't that sort of a place - you can't run a dance studio in a cathedral, you can't open a fish and chip shop in a hotel room, and you can't inflict a fine art studio on a load of hard-working comic artists, especially if you're sharing a small room and they have regular deadlines.

I think the studio looks very much happier without me - now it's an honest drawing den full of books and desks.
I'm not disappointed, rather happy that I worked out that what I want to do, if not how, because it'll be expensive. I want to get myself an art space, a proper workshop full of tools and materials, big windows that are open most days to let out fumes and let in world and light and birdsong, painty footprints tracking all over the concrete floor from the sewing machine to the sink to the workbench to the drawing desk - but how?
I think it'll have to wait. It's not urgent, I can make things at home for now. I better do some work straight away so I can earn some money towards my dreams!