Thursday, February 4, 2010


This morning there was no coffee in the house, so I took my mug next door and had it filled up at the cafe. As usual, it was very strong. I liked that they asked "do you want to drink it here?" which shows a great acceptance for the eccentric, why would I bring my own mug if I didn't want to go straight back out with it?

This fuelled me to empty the studio of almost all my stuff, with help from two nice ladies. I even got my IKEA mini plan chest, which is my favourite piece of furniture ever. It is evilly heavy and can't be taken apart once it's been assembled, but if you are working on A2 paper or smaller you definitely want one, I'm telling you.
Now my room looks like this.

Somewhere in there are two brilliant presents I got in the last couple of days: a moomin papercraft book and a German comic magazine.

Another fun things I did today was admitting to a publisher that I have real problems drawing kittens - I mean, I like my kittens, but kitten lovers disagree. I have been told on many occasions that my kittens look like rabbits, or other rodents. I'll try again over the weekend to draw some more feline ones. Stay tuned.


Alexia said...

GEt on the 136!! Get off at the stop for Lewisham Leisure center. Go into the big pet shop, look at the kittens they keep in a glass box. Observe that they are not short, clumsy cats, they are a different animal altogether. They are like a cross between a human toddler and confused water. Draw those. X

Viviane Schwarz said...

This is a very good plan. - Hmm, I think the main problem is that my idea of cute starts some months too late, I love the huge-eared scrawny phase... what happens before that is a mystery to me. Something weird and boggle-eyed I presume, as with most baby critters.
Time to clear it up!

I'll do that on Saturday! Yes. Ha.