Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the Kittens.

Back to drawing kittens today for my potential kitten-related job.
I went to the library to look at books about kittens. Now I am searching flickr. Looking at kittens in motion didn't help. Thinking about kittens and discussing kittens didn't help.
I tried tracing photographs just to understand the proportions.

Didn't help.
All my drawings either look like small cats or weird furry none-specific bobble-headed creatures, and I am supposed to work it out by Friday.
I just don't get it. Whatever it is that gets people excited about kittens rather than cats in general completely eludes me. I've noticed before that I don't generally find baby animals cuter than other animals. Maybe I have missing genes.
I have a feeling this particular illustration gig isn't meant for me...

Ah well. Otherwise, it's been a splendid day. I also got out a book on how to draw comics, just because it's good to keep up to date, and I donated a bag of useful-looking novels and reference books that I don't really care for, and I looked out from the back window of the library towards the Thames. The London Eye was glittering. It really felt like Spring.


Alexia said...

It is starting to feel like spring. This picture (is it traced?) does look a lot more 'kitteny' than your small cats usually do.. Bigger head? Bigger paws? Both? X

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i don't think kittens are very cute, either. and i'm a cat person. some other baby animals are way cute, though. usually puppies. and maybe lambs.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yeah, that's traced. The main feature hat makes something look like a kitten, I believe, is the blank stare. Huge boggly blank staring eyes in a furball, and presto, instant kitten.

I agree on the puppies and lambs. There are all sorts of baby animals I find more engaging than kittens.... gangly ones, generally. I could draw gangly kittens but those are too old. Stary furball kittens is what's needed. - Oof. It's like drawing cars or other things I know nothing about...