Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arrrgh, Still Too Many Books!!!

The canary woke up at dawn and flew in circles like a yellow helicopter. I wonder if she enjoyed sleeping on the girder. You have to do these things sometimes I guess, even canaries.

My room looks like a room again! Hooray! Still too many books, but not enough to feel like a book graveyard any more. One day I'd like a library room, or even better a corridor lined with bookshelves so they are really out of the way, then I could have as many books as I like... I just really wish I could use these shelves for other things. Being surrounded with books when I am trying to make more books makes me feel like the spawning monster queen in the lair at the end of a horror novel.
I'll start sorting them into important reference books and others today so I can put all the ones I don't need right now but don't want to throw out in some sort of out-of-sight-out-of-mind storage and have space to live again...

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