Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Improvements

I think I shall try and use another cafe for writing for a while. There's one nearby with cheap tea, nice people and free WiFi, and the table by the window is almost always free. When I look up I see a mirror in a mirror underneath a print of Fickle Father Time, which is also good.

My bedside shelf is much improved now by a new alarm clock which allows my ipod to wake me up in the morning. After a month of sleeping through my bleeping mobile alarm I figured I should get one. Also this means I can fall asleep to Sci Fi Podcasts. Yay!

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Viviane Schwarz said...

After a day of use: this gadget is less than excellent. Sounds nice but the ipod alarm time isn't displayed (weirdly, you can only see your alarm time if you choose a bleeping noise instead of music) and you can't choose playlists, it simply switches on the pod and starts where it last left off. It's okay, but simple speakers that come on automatically when the ipods own alarm goes off (which lets you set playlists) would be much better.

Still, I like it.