Sunday, January 24, 2010

Processing Weekend

This weekend I spent mostly coding, not because I can, but because I signed up for a two day course in Processing. I thought it would be a nice idea to learn a simple programming language so I could make small pretty things... nothing more complicated than the text adventures and virtual beasties I programmed in school.
Yesterday morning I coded a blob that turned different shades of purple. Then I made it bounce around. Then I made it so that if I clicked it it turned into a sausage dog. Then I made it bounce faster so it got harder to catch. Then I decided I was wasting my time and went for a three hour lunch with nice people.

After that I came back with a list of things I needed to know in order to program a simple adventure game with locations, an inventory and anything else I might fancy.
I found out that apparently Processing doesn't allow me to save objects into a file to re-load them later. So I worked out how to do it all with text files instead.

Today I found it a bit hard to convince myself to go back for more, and my train was delayed. Thankfully there was hot coffee.

But I did go back, and spent the morning wasting a load of time working around a limitation using confusing nested behaviours and something called an array list. Then I had some lemonade.

When I got back to the classroom I realised I could do it all in one line of simple code instead.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doubting all the other apparent limitations and creating virtual herds of sheep, just to shuffle them around in different ways and replace them randomly with wolves. Everyone else seemed to have changing, rotating, colourful 3D objects on their screens which was very sensible of them seeing that is what Processing is kind of intended for.

Then I went back home on a train that claimed to be the 29:1Y o' clock train to Selhurst, which is the most cryptic mis-announcement I've yet had.

And now I shall have a nap.
(I did rather enjoy myself, actually.)

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