Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ooh, look, pre-sorted for your convenience and correct socialisation!

Just saw these in a shop, freshly printed.

Just connecting to the internet to check if I've time-travelled by mistake again. No, it still seems to be early 2010. - Weird.
What exactly is wrong with not gendering these?
This is exactly the kind of book I would have ritually nailed to something in the wood and let them rot as a child. Except they didn't seem to be around then. I had books called "The book of brilliant things to make" or similar which included friendship bracelets AND rockets. For goodness sake, world, don't go back there, it's not clever nor funny.


Eric Orchard said...

Agreed! I will keep my dolls, thank you.

Swati said...

Agree. And let my daughter play with toy snakes and cars.

Viviane Schwarz said...

And I'll be best friends with boys, and write adventure books for anyone who likes them.