Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Start!

Well, that went well.
I have, true to form, no pictures of the New Year party, even though everyone dressed up. we went out for the fireworks after a merry evening, sleet started falling exactly at Midnight and we all skidded back down a muddy hill in the dark to be merry and warm again.
Today I watched He Man cartoons for breakfast huddled in my dinosaur duvet, which I am officially allowed to do because I write children's books. Although you may do the same whatever your job is, really, time permitting, as I hope you know.

I wish I knew who drew those dinosaurs. They should put fabric designer's signatures on those things somehow. (It's Tu from Sainsbury's, I bought it thinking it would make a great skirt and then decided it was already a great duvet cover.)

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