Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hurrah! I believe my cold is over, pretty much.
So this morning I've been experimentally photoshopping an idyllic yellow sunrise from some holiday snaps to see if I could use it in a story. It's meant to look collaged but not like a photoshop disaster.
So far it looks like the End of the World. Might be the sulphur sky. Might me the glowing horizon. Might be the Tree of Evil that I just noticed actually has a screaming face in the bark. Yeah.

I'll leave this one for a bit and go to Toys 'R Us to see if they have any minature models of foxes, and if not, to have a walk.
It'll all be beautifully bucolic in the end, just you wait.

(Note: Most of the pictures used here are taken just above Moustiers St Marie, in case you want to go there for a holiday, it's not really yellow, although the whole town goes famously completely pink at dawn. They used to bring dead babies there to have them revived by way of miracle.)


John Peacock said...

Did it work? If not, how did they get the idea to try it in the first place - does it feel like a baby-revivin' sort of town?

Eric Orchard said...

I love it! Looks like the cover to the Oxford book of English Ghost stories. Are those Totoros under the tree?

I saw a really cool looking comic at the book store and looked up his blog when I got home and YOU were on his blog! Weird....(I'm talking about Garen Ewing of course)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Eric: Hah! Yes I like that picture too, however it should look profoundly reassuring, so it's a communications fail. The little guys are, as most days these days, hamsters. And yay for Garen! He is cool.

John: it is a very strange place. Like Disneyworld if Disney had been a crusader. They have a huge metal star on a chain strung between two clifftops hanging right above the village and crashing down every fifty years or so, which isn't the point of the thing officially but very exciting. I can honestly say it's the town with the most baby-reviving vibe I've seen. There's a rackhamesque mossy waterfall going right through the middle of town square, coming down from the mountain. It's great, very much worth a visit.

I might not remember this correctly but I think the main idea was to bring babies that died before they could be baptised back for long enough so a priest could save them from Limbo. They just had to show a sign of life, and I guess the judgement of that was down to the priest. So, yeah, I'd say it worked.

Sarah said...

Cool! Glad to hear you're feeling better! xx

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes! Thanks. Am still a bit wibbly but much better! x

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes! Thanks. Am still a bit wibbly but much better! x