Friday, January 22, 2010

Buying pencils

Time to go out into town - looks grey and cold out there, but I've got fun things to buy. Pencils for me, because I shall be pencilling for the next few weeks. I've decided to go with my original plan for the graphic novel and finish it all in pencil, no inking. Possibly no roughs, neither. I went through a phase of wanting to ink it just to make it look more "proper". But then I felt that pencil drawings will look much friendlier. When I imagine the finished book, I see coloured-in pencil drawings - there's something achievable-looking about them, a lack of "finish" that I think would really suit this book.
I want to draw so that if I could send it back in time to my thirteen-year-old-self she'd say "Wow! That looks like I drew it, but really good!"

And then I need to buy a load of presents, Birthday presents and some late Christmas presents.

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