Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blue dresses, more snow and helpfulness

Hurrah! I went out to check the sale in the fancy clothes shop downstairs and bought a lovely blue dress for a tenner. Makes me look like a friendly ghost.

hey, just to do the opposite of complaining for once: I am very impressed with O2 broadband and their customer service. I was just wondering what was wrong with my normally excellent internet connection and prepared to go through a series of boring checks when I noticed that their customer service line is free to call, and a friendly helpful human being answered the phone straight away - but just then I noticed a series of 02 SMS messages on my mobile informing me of a line fault and the progress of their maintenance already, the last one being "it's all up and running as usual now!" which was true. I feel like an advert. Yay.

Also the scary landscape I'm photoshopping is looking less scary now, but I need a verdant hi-res grassy hill in the picture and I don't have one. And with all this snow won't be getting one today neither. So instead I shall attempt to write some more novel.

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