Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Time, and other sounds

I just noticed that John Peacock's "Another Time" is available on CDBaby now.
I was listening to some of his songs while writing so parts of the animated version that only exists in my head sounds something like this, and also something like some of his earlier songs which are bouncier (although I'm sure he didn't write them with martial arts sheep in mind, they are well-suited).
"Gravity" I like particularly much.

It's strange how every project acquires a soundtrack, isn't it... my fox novel sounds like Emiliana Torrini's "Me and Armini" and "There are Cats in this Book" was worked out listening to Neko Case's "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood", so now every time I hear her music I think of paper flaps, and I am quite sure no one else does.

Every big project, I think, will be well served by listening to this particular unabridged Moby Dick read by William Hootkins. I was really sad when I realised I'd missed the opportunity to send him a thank-you fanletter, he died in 2005.

Anyway, time to fire up and colour in some hamsters. That's a particularly odd combination, I do wonder if anyone will spot the connections when the book is done.

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