Thursday, December 3, 2009

Staying In

I refuse to be rained on today. Do you hear? I refuse!!! I refuse any hint of grey wet fresh air. I shall read a book for breakfast and eat tinned food for the rest of the day, and work from home.

There's digital colouring things to be done, which is just the right sort of thing for today. And I have two stories to dream about - one is already written, but the ending needs to be bigger, with meaningful things said and hugs and celebrations and maybe dragons flying overhead. The other is somewhere midway, and exciting things are going to happen next.
It's quite amazing, having all these adventure stories on my hands, not just in my head - I am thinking about them a lot, listening to them while I'm walking around and imagining the characters climbing all over the real world between scenes, and I'm making notes in my head (and sometimes my notebook) about their habits. Sometimes I get nervous, because there's so much left to write and draw, then I think about the gravitational field of Jupiter instead, which is a good thing to think about when anything seems overwhelming.

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