Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just re-worked my graphic novel script that had exactly the right number of pages but not enough of a dramatic ending. First I wrote the new ending which added a good number of panels, some of them rather big, then I went through the whole lot and upped the panel count per page a smidgen, from a basic six panel grid to a basic nine panel grid.
Now I am ten pages short.
I think that's good enough to start pencilling, I bet I'll find I want some extra pages SOMEWHERE.
Also I actually don't remember at all if I had the right number in the first place. My head is swimming from turning every scene into a dramatic set of rectangles in my mind.

HEYY I re-wrote my script though, and I think it has all the stuff in it was supposed to have!

Oof, again.

(Update, hours later: switched the laptop back on because I couldn't sleep, tinkering with dialogue now...)

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