Saturday, December 26, 2009

Presents... (and boring Star Trek)

I got BRILLIANT presents this year. A hand-knitted jumper and a skirt from my mother, a book on kites, a facsimile edition of Edward Lear's Parrots, a mask that Alexis brought back from his Galapagos trip, a strange and wonderful hat, a jar of artichokes, lovely crockery, money for treats and commemorative paper-cut out and dress-up dolls of the Obama family.

And more things.

I have no idea if I cooked the goose right because my sense of smell failed completely. But people said it was tasty.
Also I watched that Star Trek movie at last, with Christmas guests, and sorry guys but - no. What was the exact title again, "Star Trek - The Time Traveller's Captain"? If I see ONE MORE STORY where any character's motivation is someone coming back from the future telling them "you don't want to miss ONE MINUTE of what you will experience together, so get lovin' them NOW" I will, well, stop watching right there and then and do something more entertaining like, I don't know, dust the shelves.
We watched an original episode afterwards and everyone went "Aaaaah... oh yes, that was really GOOD, wasn't it". Yeah, you know, IT WAS. And because I'm not "The Time Traveller's Audience" it's not enough to tell me "these guys are going to turn into people you know and love" to make me want to watch them pointlessly faff about for a whole movie. Especially when it transpires halfway through that it's all set in an alternative reality. - I just hoped William Shatner would pop through from the future, too, take one look around, say "This must be one of these bad parallel universes where Spock has a beard" and collapsed the whole movie.

But otherwise, wheeee, brilliant Christams! Hope you all had a great time, too!

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