Saturday, December 12, 2009

Learning Electronics

I just saw my ideal present featured on BoingBoing - but it's the ideal present for my teenage self. Ah well.

So now I'm telling you, in case you know anyone who might also get obsessed with buying tiny pretty resistors from the electronics store and then soldering together lie detectors that fit into match boxes and making their own electronic musical instruments out of... anything to hand, really.
If I'd had this book and kit back then I'd probably have my own robot manservant today.

Instead I'm committed to making books now... which is also a good thing. If I should ever be rich enough to own a house I'll have a workroom for making things. Until then I'll just dream of electric sheep.

By the way, I'm still very grateful to my dad for going along with every crafty whim and helping me make hundreds of things, that's still one of my best memories, my dad saying "It's Saturday, what will me make today?" and sometimes it was a puppet theatre in the attic and sometimes it was a pendulum that drew patterns in fine sand. And my mum taught me sewing and pottery, and how to think instructions through and then maybe do it differently, and very importantly that women can put up their own shelves.
Also I'm glad that I was always allowed to turn my room (or the attic, and any other spare space) into maybe a spaceship complete with fairy light starfields and flashing control panels any time - or into a stop motion film studio with an old super-8 camera strapped to a step ladder and lamps filling the rest of the room. Or whatever else I got into my head.
I'm not sure who I'd be today if I'd grown up without making.
Thanks mum and dad!


Swati said...

You do have awesome parents :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Most definitely so.