Saturday, December 26, 2009


You probably don't know this, but kites are one of my actual interests (there are a few, but you might miss them because of all the other things I get temporarily excited about, like knitting or chutney-making or complaining about movies).
My parents (who do know this) gave me a wonderful book on kites for Christmas, and I spent most of the evening looking at pictures of a cicada kite - my favourite kind of kite. I wish I could spend some time sitting in the workshop of a kite building master watching these being made. - Here are some decorated by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, I saw one of them in an exhibition years ago. They are amazing objects, perfectly rigged like tiny ships and designed to sing in the wind.

Otherwise, Christmas in running out, and I am happy.

We stripped the goose and had leftovers, which as always were twice as tasty as the meal. The bones are bubbling in a casserole for goose soup, and in a while I'll decide what to do with my share of goose fat. This particular one yielded more than I've ever seen. At least three litres. We haven't even rendered half of it yet. I think I'll make some apricot and onion spread, and save a jar for cooking, and freeze the rest for next autumn. It's a serious animal to cook, a goose, definitely feeds a lot of people for a long time. I'm not expecting any appetite for meat for January.

I'm warm, because I'm completely covered in knitwear that nice people have made and given me for Christmas. Last year I got elegant little pretty things, this year slightly tribal warm things. I approve. Now I shall drink some wine and do some writing... I'm re-working parts of my graphic novel script, which is slightly unprofessional because I already handed in a second draft, but I am feeling inspired. I told Alexis what I'd written so far and he had some ideas for changes, several of them things I'd already considered myself, so I'm making them now because if we both thought of them they probably are for the better.

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