Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glow in the dark coffee

Oof. Winter depression is getting me down. It's not constant and mostly just needs a cup of coffee to chase it away. Good thing I got this espresso cup for Christmas, with hand-painted cats on it that glow in the dark. With that, I can face any sort of gloom.

I do get depressed, you know. People sometimes send me lovely emails saying that I'm cheering them up, and that is what I am aiming to do (with my books, I mean). They often assume I'm a thoroughly happy person, which I am not. I'm not secretly sad, neither. I sometimes feel like an archaeologist looking for happy bits of life to put into books. In summer, it's more like harvesting them. In Winter, I need to de-frost my world with hot drinks first.

Right now it is thoroughly defrosted, and I am working on a picture book which is starting to look really nice - I coloured in some pink-and-orange pages, hmmm, I'm always pleased if I can find a reason to do that in a story.

(By the way, that lovely cat-box is what the cup and saucer came in, decorated by Matthew.)

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