Saturday, December 19, 2009


I had just finished hoovering the flat with the Henry Hoover and was still ranting in my head about this completely un-ergonomic object being considered a much loved design classic just because it's got a grinning face pasted to the front (yes I know it's quite powerful, but it rolls over more often than a three-legged puppy, and it's about as easy to store as a baby elephant with its schnozz stuck down a drainpipe) and thus wasn't paying attention while shredding a receipt with some Japanese shredding scissors which I'd consider a particulary good piece of design... now part of the skin of my thumb is sliced into really neat parallel flaps. OUCH!!!!
Man, I'm cross.

(addendum: And I have a painful spot on my nose. Exactly in the middle of the tip of my nose. Wah.)


Swati said...

Ouch! Did you see a doctor?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Nope. I just stuck a plaster on it. Not a bad injury, just irritatingly parallel.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

aw, that is sad. perhaps you will receive an interesting scar!

i sliced off the side of my finger with an exacto knife a few weeks ago, and it's finally healed and left a little weird flat misshapen spot on my finger that still sort of hurts when i bang into it. which i do a lot.

i hope your nose feels better.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ow that is MUCH worse! I bet mine will heal invisible.
Just goes to show though, I just had my eye on the injury potential of the hoover and there you go!

Viviane Schwarz said...

And my nose looks awful now. GRR.