Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Deal

Here's a scratch performance of a song I wrote the words for at the Battersea Arts Center - Music and Pictures by Matthew Robins, puppeteered by Tim Spooner. I haven't got all the musicians' names right now... anyway, just listen to this!

Update: Here are the lyrics for you.

The devil came round to my fathers house
had a cup of tea and joked with my mum
had a look at the garden and played with the cat
then he asked - can I see the little one?
I heard she’s been crying and we can’t have that.

the devil gave me a chocolate rose
and said this one’s for free
and as I ate it he said young madam,
I have something to propose
would you do a deal with me?

sure I said
why not I said
I’m sure it will be fine
I once swapped a cake for a rabbit
and it wasn’t even mine
so go on, go on, go on, tell me more

the devil gave me a candy floss tree
and said have another one do
I’ve got a joke that’s only for you
It might go on for many years and more
and its never been told quite like this before
Its the best joke in the world, you see
but if you laugh you belong to me.

sure I said why not I said
I’m sure it will be fun.
I haven't laughed since I was born
and I’ve seen sausage dogs run
so go on go on go on tell me more.

the devil still comes to my house
but he never brings presents to me - no, no more
he drinks my tea and he smiles at me
asks me how have I been and what have I seen
and I say I can’t complain dear sir
got a house made of stone and a coat of fake far

I’m fine I say, I’m swell I say
there’s nothing more to tell I say

I might find me a husband or go to japan
but I’ll never go to hell, I say
so go on go on go on tell me more

the devil smiles, he smells of smoke
sometimes I wonder about that joke.

I Am So Proud!!!!!
There should be a whole show eventually. Oh yes.

The words to this song, by the way, I wrote years ago onto a wooden desk with a pencil because that was what I had to hand when I thought of them. Later I copied them out and put them in a letter to Matthew, and got back a tape in the post a while later with it set to music. That was one of the most amazing things I've ever got in the post.

(And Alexis arrived back from Galapagos at last, and showed us amaaaaaazing drawings of tortoises and blue-footed boobies and other beasts and actually I might fall asleep now.)


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Just perfect.

Rhealicious said...

and a Fröhliche Weihnachten to you.

PS: Miss you and the cat on twitter...