Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas ongoing...

Hooray for pre-Christmas celebrations! I've been to some lovely ones already, and there are more ahead. I've been all over South London, holding new babies, playing with cats, admiring trees and studios and houses and projects, eating turkey and bread sauce and mince pies. I've been visited by Gus the Neighborhood Bookshop Dog in the pub, and he jumped on my lap to say hello. He's the only dog in the world who is allowed to do that, because he's polite and doesn't smell.
People are pairing up and settling down and reproducing all around me, and when I was younger I worried this would get me down eventually because older friends told me it would. But it doesn't. I like being single, it beats being with the wrong person, which especially around Christmas feels like having ones brains sucked out slowly into the void with a straw. If anything, every year I feel more grateful for the continued absence of that particular feeling. - It's wonderful, visiting all my friends and being visited, and everything gradually becoming more decked out with presents and ornaments as we sit and eat and chat and warm ourselves on fires real or electric. This is how I hope all my Christmases will be.

I am feeling rather sorry for anyone who is stuck due to the Eurostar not running, and very grateful that I don't have to travel myself. It's a bit inconvenient, isn't it, having the big family holiday at a time when travel is most difficult. That was probably rather sensible when families stayed living together in one place. I'd vote for concentrating on Easter, family-wise, and celebrating Christmas with whoever is around at the time, well, that's what I do... but then - see above, et cetera.

I was just unlocking the door to go out into the cold and buy some bread somewhere so I could have toast for lunch, which is all I could come up with presently, and I was looking at the sad note that's been sitting on our doormat for days: MISSING BLACK AND WHITE CAT, his name is Eric, PLEASE help... - brrr, I thought. What a time to go missing. Brr.
Then the door was open - and just outside someone had set up a stall selling artichoke pie.
A happy family carrying aloft a black and white cat passed before I could say "Oh wow".
"Meow," said the cat.
"We found him! He was gone for DAYS!" they called, and were gone again before I could say "Merry Christmas, Eric".
I bought a slice of artichoke pie, and went back into my warm home.
NOW it's Christmas.

Addendum II:
Now my best friend is stuck at my house due to Eurostar Rubbishness, and we shall bake carrot cake tomorrow.
Now it's Even More Christmas!


Jessie said...

Aww this sounds lovely, like a christmas heart cheering story on the telly except modern-day. I'm the same with dogs on laps, not keen on the smelly ones!xx

Eric Orchard said...

Yay for Eric!