Thursday, December 3, 2009

Charity Vortex

I just ran away from some charity workers who asked me to sign up at the car park - I did not mean to. In fact I'd been meaning to stay at home, but then I decided to take a bag of books and a bag of clothes to the Charity shop. There I overheard a lady wondering how to get a desk she just bought to the car park, and offered to help carry it. And just before we got there, two friendly people took it off us, told us to take a break and then got out papers for a different Charity for us to sign. - I don't think running away spontaneously was the correct option. Just right that second I was convinced I'd been caught up in a strange Charity Vortex, and I feared for my kidneys, and I really did not want to explain myself.
I felt quite bad, running down the street, abandoning a stranger with a heavy desk like that. It completely negated the whole effort, somehow, even though she seemed quite happy signing and chatting, and she was pretty much where she'd been meaning to go, and I'm sure they'd carry it the last stretch for her. - I should at least have said goodbye.
Then it started raining a lot, and I got wet and felt like everything was back to normal, more or less.


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i love this story. i would have run away, too. i once ran to my bed and put the covers over my head when some mormons came to the door and i made the mistake of allowing them to see that someone was home.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes... it was for a very good cause as well, I just couldn't find the right words - they said "come on, do something good today" and I wanted to say "Hey I already am" which seemed completely wrong in many ways.

No one should recruit anyone for anything on their doorstep, I'm quite sure about that.