Thursday, December 17, 2009


Huh. That was a nice evening.
The postman woke me up - he had a huge parcel from Germany, and he laughed and shouted WAKEY WAKEY when he saw me.

I wonder why.
Oh hooray, I didn't expect such a big wonderful parcel! I shall stick it under the tree right now.
This year I sent off a minimum of presents in time (but they are all nice) and I expect I shall stretch out Christmas and keep sending off and handing out more things in January. It's that kind of Winter this year - I just seem to have four times as many friends as I'm used to.

There aren't quite enough birds in our Christmas tree yet. Today I shall work out how to rectify that. And, yeah, make some more presents.

But first I want a cup of tea.

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han said...

oooh, I saw these and thought of you:
cinnamon bird ornaments
merry christmas!