Thursday, December 24, 2009


I went to watch "Avatar" last night and since I expected the plot to be completely pointless, I was happy when it was actually reasonably fun. - We spent some time discussing it straight after, and I proposed a short story version which cuts the main character - if you think about it, Sigourney Weaver's scientist could have saved the day by herself doing pretty much just what she was doing anyway.
Otherwise, we agreed the creatures were fun but could have been much more exciting and thought-through, it was a little bit like taking an earth creature and running it through a process that added two legs, two eyes and a USB plug, and then asking yourself: could this be more bio-luminescent? Could this be more sub-aquatic? - instead of actually trying to evolve a credible eco-system from common ancestors built from scratch to suit the environment. - (Could have been worse, could have been Elephants on Wheels.)
And we also agreed that the leading lady was lovely, and that the top predator beastie was in no way as good as a Sandworm and should have been more awesome. Generally, more awesomeness to the hero of legend, or else hand it over to Sigourney, was my impression.
But fun, despite watching an evening of, well, um, kind of this. (Actually, that does look like a good day out...)


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

elephants on wheels! i just finished that book a few days ago. loved the book but yes the wheel thing was a bit odd.

glad you liked the movie, i'm being dragged to it tomorrow.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yeah, USB Elves beat Elephants on Wheels in top trumps. They also have Hammerhead Rhinosaurs, and all of those in 3D - that's a treat already.