Monday, November 30, 2009

What a lot of words I put there.

I've just started to work on my proper novel again, and at first I couldn't believe all those detailed notes waiting to be turned into chapters, things I'd made up months ago and forgotten since. I re-read the last few chapters I actually wrote, was completely baffled - not because I didn't understand them but because I didn't remember them - and started writing. Best not to wait until you feel ready, sometimes.
This is what I wrote:

Pebble listened, and she learned. Though it never felt like she was learning much, she was becoming familiar with the place in her head where new things went, and there was enough empty space left to echo when she dreamt.

It doesn't say much, but it seemed a good place to re-start.
And now I must go and buy some food, and think, and tomorrow I shall go to the studio and do some Serious Drawing that Needs Doing.

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