Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tweet Tuner

Here's a Twitter app someone should make.
One thing that I find difficult about Twitter is that it works on the principle that if getting tweets is good, getting more tweets is better. There are endless ways of following even more people - positive lists of people who are interesting to you for one reason or another. Public lists and private ones, but all positive.
Now be honest. Is that how you actually really live your social life? Maybe it is. Not if you are like me. I don't just want lists of "bestest friends" and "especially interesting people". I want negative lists - lists of people I want to sometimes not hear from. And that's not an evil nasty unsociable thing, it's just... normal.
Think about the guy who makes you laugh every day with his tweets except once a month at full moon when you want him to SHUT UP. Or the girl who really inspires you by tweeting about her interesting projects, but the day you feel really low and useless you just don't want to hear. Or that person who is really interesting - when they are not at a festival. Or your ex who is your best friend - most of the time. Or your best friend the rest of the time who Tweets About Everything She Eats while you are HUNGRY.
You can unfollow them and re-follow them - they'll wonder why. You can build elaborate lists with everyone BUT them on and call them things like "PMS list number three".

Why can't I have an application that allows me to privately secretly tag people in any way I like, they'll never know, and then just switch whole crowds of them off for the day, and then back on the next, no questions asked?

Here's a quick sketch. The switches can be customised with whatever tags you fancy. The big dial is a quick way of going through settings, so you can quickly crank it to whatever suits your mood - from full blast through a whole rainbow of moods - your moods that is.
Oh yeah, because I bet you want positive lists as well, friends and crafters and whatever rocks your boat, I slapped a dial on the right hand side for that. But the tuning-out switches still override whatever is on those lists.

Now go make that, that would really amuse me. - Hepp!


Russet said...

Amen to that....yes I have also stopped the tweeting with the exact same problem........can you send this idea to the power that be of the tweet....would love to have them use and install your brilliance.......

Viviane Schwarz said...

I think it should be quite easy to make, really... I would if I could program. - Am really really enjoying not being on Twitter, now every time I sit down at the computer I think: what now? Oh yes, work! And I do.

Jessie said...

I only follow those who I want to listen to and if I'm not in same mood as them at a particular time, I ignore it and scroll down the page. Hmmm maybe that's why I don't go on it very often these days? People are sounding too jolly. ;)

FB said...

And that means you left twitter? You left? and you didn't tell me. I am hurt and offended and... hurt.

You will be missed, anyways, and hope all the writing and inking and stuffs go well and I'll keep half an eye on the blog to see how things go.

Stay safe, nano-survivor!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yeah... life is full of disappointments, isn't it. I trust this is a minor one :)