Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm throwing things out - bags of charity stuff, books I don't think I'll read again any time soon, cardboard boxes... I also finally deleted my twitter account, which I'd been meaning to do before - it's very friendly and useful but I decided I need to streamline my communication channels somewhat so I can actually get some novel-writing done.

My mum is going to knit me a dress or a jumper, which is wonderful... that'll mean I can throw out some of my more ragged and baggy old tops. - This winter is looking good!


John Peacock said...

Ah, well, I'll miss reading your Twitter updates, but I understand the need for focus. Oh, yes.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes, I was thinking "But what about John and other nice people I want to listen to!!" Luckily most of you do also exist outside Twitter :)

I'll miss the tweeting crowd, but it was turning into a nature program a bit... I noticed I was using it as an interface to observe how other people see the world more than a communication tool, and it just got overwhelming.

I'd come back if anyone would invent a neat app that tunes the twitterstream with a simple interface - in fact I can imagine it exactly, maybe I'll draw and post it.

Focus! Focus! Who knows, maybe I will finish my fox novel draft this year as planned! Imagine that!!

Deadly Knitshade said...

I shall miss your tweets. I'll have to stalk your blog instead.

*sets self up in tree outside blog window*

Fab to know you're making plans and moving forwards though. Best of luck with it all. :)

Viviane Schwarz said...


Ah, no plans, just books. Plans don't work for me somehow... :)