Friday, November 13, 2009

Marvellous Dressmaking - planning stage

So today I'll finally make my New Marvellous Dress out of a comic-patterned duvet cover from Argos.
My flatmate's mum has a brilliant collection of vintage dress patterns, and I picked one that looks suitably respectable from the front (my Moomin dress is sometimes just a bit too girly) but interesting from the back... it's held up at the neck by one big button. I haven't worked out what sort of button to use, I'd like something that goes with the theme, maybe a badge...

pattern plans

Yesterday I made a very rough test dress from an old pink sheet. It's got most of the seams on the outside, and I scrawled notes on it, tore it up, stitched it back togetehr with extra bits... it looks almost conceptual by now.
Lacking a mirror I used my webcam to check the fit. I think it'll work (I have to place the darts more carefully when I do it for real).
test dress
Then I drew a panel grid over it with a fat crayon (I didn't bother to take the dress off, which was fun but I hope I didn't mis-measure that way). And here's the pattern overlayed, using the crayon lines as a guide.
testing the pattern
A bit more Green Goblin than I'd like (I know my mum would say: why did you put that horrible witch in the corner??) but I really want to have the Silver Surfer and the Thing in the middle. I guess I could re-arrange the panels but I don't want a seam right across my chest, really. - I'll make up for it by putting Captain America and Wolverine on the back. And I think I might not have the vertical darts and sacrifice some subtle shaping for not making the Silver Surfer frown even more.

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