Monday, November 23, 2009

Hamsters and Mirrors

It's a work-day, definitely, despite having started with reading half a science fiction novel in bed while waking myself up slowly with tea. - I shall be colouring in some Hamsters, and also I shall be attempting to create sky backdrops for a project - I have photographs of lovely cloud-formations over Peckham Rye to work with, and so far I've made some good night and daytime skies, but I've failed to make sunset and sunrise skies that don't look like Armageddon. - I kind of want a thrilling Hitchcock technicolor cyclorama feel while still keeping it as a duotone or tritone. Maybe that's asking a bit much, especially seeing that one of the things about dusk&dawn is that there are quite a LOT of colours in the sky instead of, say, three. But at the moment it's still a fun challenge.

The hamsters are looking good already, and I've coloured almost all of them in by now.

Otherwise... I own a mirror AT LAST, a proper one that's slightly taller than myself, which means that after years of checking what I look like by visiting a series of small mirrors situated in dark corners of the flat at different heights and compositing the reflections in my mind as best I could I can just stand there and see myself. The first thing I realised was that my legs aren't at all as stumpy as I thought. They always looked stumpy when I was looking down at them. My friend Kris said: Well of course they did. It's called foreshortening. - Then she said: That mirror is slimming.
So anyway, my everyday clothes are much nicer than I thought (hurrah!!) and now I can even coordinate them and make sure my hair doesn't stick up and my skirts aren't tucked into my pants before I go out, and that I didn't forget to put make-up on the left side of my face when the phone rang. I can decide what I want to look like and then make it happen. - It's so, so, so much more brilliant and life enhancing than you can probably imagine. YAY! I shall try on all my clothes and throw out all the ones that make me look like someone else, and then maybe make some new ones...

But first, I shall tint some skies.


curiouscrow said...

Ha ha, but I can imagine what it is like to suddenly own a mirror - I didn't get a full length one until a year ago - I'm 43! It was a revelation.

Love that hamster.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Isn't it amazing what change these things make. I remember some years where I had a mattress on the floor instead of a bed everywhere I moved, it was like a curse. Made me feel defeated the minute I woke up.

Some needs need revising - some just need admitting.

Swati said...

This last observation of yours about needs is so true! I hope I remember it always.