Monday, November 2, 2009


NaNovel is being written.
Lectures are set to go.
Workshop is planned.
Now I just need to clear out my room so new windows can be fixed while I'm out.
And all that without coffee. Actually I'm getting three times as much done without coffee, so far, but heck do I feel frazzled.

Off to grey windy Cornwall tomorrow... I'll send messages whenever I can get a signal.

In the meantime... here are a couple of lovely free/cheap games you can grab from the internet:

Machinarium, which is a point and click adventure featuring cute robots in a sprawling city. The art and animation is impressive and endearing, the puzzles are just on the right side of infuriating and the soundscape is funny and athmospheric.

Windosill, which is a beautiful surreal game. I still can't believe how well it is made, actually.

Neither of them requires you to be able to read English, so: nice treat for the kids. (I haven't played Machinarium all the way through yet so I can't promise it's completely child-safe, but something tells me it's very probably okay). You can try them out before you buy. Have a go! I hope there will be a lot more like this going on soon, I've missed these little adventures ever since Monkey Island 2...

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