Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just got a book of my favourite poetry, with lots of space to draw in the margins. The e-reader got me into the idea, it was such fun doodling all around texts that now every book that I open looks like a sketchbook to me.

I wish I could have the whole series, this is book 6 of a complete collection, all with lovely cloth covers like this.

I'll post some pages when I've drawn some things in it.

Am looking a bit bedraggled here because I spent all of yesterday, morning to midnight, setting up three family computers. I now have new and unexpected knowledge about kernel panics and setting up networks of diverse operating systems. The main thing I learned is that Windows can always get more confusing and irritating, no matter how much I've been swearing at its last incarnation already...
I'm most pleased with my mum's work Mac which was creeping along on Tiger with damaged drives and conflicting backup discs. It's now snow-leoparded and so nice that I want to take it home, hah.
The worst bit was accidentally messing up the PC just before midnight with some casual tired button-pressing. But all is well now. Phew.

I shall attempt to empty my mind from things computer related now...

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Sarah said...

Ooh, lovely cover on that one! Can't wait to see the annotated version. :-)