Sunday, September 13, 2009

Studio Warming Party

Hello there!

I had a rather wonderful studio warming party, if you came to it I hope you did, too.
Sarah posted a lot of pictures so I don't have to.

I'm very proud of the cupcakes - Sarah woke me up in the morning to bake them, and Gary helped decorate them. They're all sheep, black and white ones, crammed into their little paper pots at odd angles. Belgian chocolate, mini marshmellows, super-nice marzipan, tons of cream cheese icing, oh, they were good. I doubt anyone managed to eat more than one, but I believe that one they really enjoyed.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - it was fun showing everyone around the police station.
Now I'm faffing about with the setting up of a studio blog. Just when I decided to spend less time on the web. Ha.


Eric Orchard said...

Wow! That is the coolest place to work in London. I'm envious!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Heh heh. It is pretty good :)

Jessie said...

Wow! Amazing cakes! Studio blog? That sounds interesting :)

Fr√łydis said...

wow! Looks amazing!