Friday, September 25, 2009

Back home.

So, yeah. I'm back in London, only took me 12 hours, flight delayed and re-routed, then no trains, two coaches, a night bus, got back at four in the morning, yawn.
I enjoyed how the crew was as tired as everyone else, they kept muddling up the security messages, at some point one of them (I was hoping not the pilot) cut in and said "It's been a long day. You don't know where we've been." Then it was silent until we were in the air and they apologised that they didn't have enough food on the plane to redeem the vouchers we'd been given to make us feel better.
The nicest moment was when I asked a young couple (I thought) where they had to go once they got to London, because they seemed a bit worried about it. The guy replied: "Well we didn't actually know each other earlier today, but it's looking more and more like we're going to end up in the same place." - Bless, I hope they are having a nice time.
The worst moment was finally getting into Luton airport and the passport control queue being, well, very long. It filled every bit of the building it could go, in fact.

So anyway, I just tried out my new graphics tablet. It's absolutely awesome.
See doodle above. One doodle is enough for now.
That's my thought of the day. Possibly the week.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Welcome back!It's nice to go home and recharge and then come back and start something anew...NOw, get some sleep! That journey home sounds like it was exhausting!

Eric Orchard said...

Welcome home! Wonderful doodle! You need to publish a sketchbook!!

Swati said...

Ohh. Hard journey. Rest well!

Viviane Schwarz said...

I did sleep a fair bit! :)