Friday, August 28, 2009

Real coffee, and an almost new newspaper... wow...

I had a lovely day yesterday, and now I'm reading the newspaper and drinking coffee to start this day, which makes it potentially even more lovely already. Alexis has drawn a portrait of me in the newspaper margin, it's reminding me that I'll go to work and draw some adventurous things today... that is actually the brief, "draw adventurous things", doesn't strictly matter what, it's to tear up and collage an adventurous background in the hamster book.


in the style of Fletcher Hanks, this. We've become slightly obsessed with Fletcher Hanks lately.

Oh by the way, if you're the sort of person who still doesn't believe that flocks of parakeets are living wild in London, go to Crystal Palace. I watched them fly from three to tree at head-height there yesterday.

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Viviane Schwarz said...

"From three to tree"? I like that. I shan't fix it.