Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Noises and Quietnesses

Today I went to the studio early to re-pot and stake my tomato plants... it's a lovely mini-garden now, I'll take some photos tomorrow. I sat by them for a while and enjoyed the morning peace.

Then I went to the Roundhouse to have a look at the "Playing the Building" installation, which was interesting... people were queuing up very politely to have a go at the re-purposed pump organ that is wired up to parts of the building, making them clank and whistle and hum. Somehow hardly anyone dared to play a rhythm or look for a melody, I think because it was strangely intimidating to try and make the whole building do anything specific, like making a blue whale dance. - The worst-sounding efforts were by people who seemed to try and play it like a piano, I enjoyed watching them get cross with it not responding to their skills. - I had a go and didn't quite work it out neither, I wish I could play around with it for an hour or so...

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Swati said...

Now that sounds interesting!