Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moving Things

I've almost finished moving stuff to the studio.
Today I took a tomato plant from the balcony to grow up the metal staircase by the door. A nice lady carried it for me from New Cross Gate, where she'd got lost on her way to Deptford. I pointed her the right way and she carried the plant until the next useful bus turned up. She said the plant smelled nice, which I'm glad to hear, after that mean cold in May I still can't smell most things except for traffic, garlic and carpet shops (so far).

tomato bus

There's only small things that still want to go there now...
I'm checking through my artist books and mini comics, and my boxes of important things... I found a book I made on my MA years ago (using photocopies of details of a giant picture all the students drew together on the first day) and forgot about. It's about a winter day in Germany.

I read it and could still imagine it exactly, which made me happy.

I'm also going to take my smile in a box which someone nice gave me ten years ago or so and told me to keep it on a shelf to look at, which I have done, mostly. Looking at my work schedule for the next few months I think it'll be most useful in the studio.

a smile

So tomorrow I can start drawing! Yay.


Anonymous said...

your drawings are increasingly becoming so delightfully absurd! I just love them and am inspired each time I visit!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ha! Thanks. Expect more odd things - the new studio is both inspiring and silly.