Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moonpie and other cats

For those of you that are fans of Moonpie, the blue cat in "There are Cats in this Book" (I know you're there, that cat is getting more fam mail than I do) here's a picture of the real world Moonpie warming her belly.

I met up with her owner in town and went to see some concrete poetry at the ICA, which was just the thing to do - I'd just mailed off that script I'd been hammering out all month and liked to see words floating about making new shapes and meanings instead of crawling past on my tiny screen.

I was also a bit dazed because I'd just found out that my intrepid uncle has died rather suddenly, not falling off something while exploring abroad as I'd always expected but at home in his flat. Most of my memories of him are being intensely annoyed by him as a child - I remember going looking for fossils and amber and such and never finding anything while he was picking up some treasure every few minutes saying "You have no excuse, being that much closer to the ground you should have found this first!"
I got so cross that as soon as I'd halfway learned to write I made a card file of all insults I knew (not many, that's why I made cards rather than a list, more bulk you see) and gave it to him on his birthday, "in case he ever got really angry and needed something to say", but really I just wanted to insult him a lot. He was really pleased with it.
I'll miss him rather, actually.

So when I heard he was dead I went to Hyde Park, where I haven't properly been in a long time... I meat up with Alexia at the Peter Pan statue and realised I'd not seen that in maybe 15 years or so. It was a surprisingly warm day and the park wasn't too crowded, and I drew cats all over an old typescript with a bunch of felt tip pens, remembering what it was like to be little. I'd forgotten how much fun felt tip pens are.

space cat doodle


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Kate said...

Sorry about your uncle...! :(