Friday, August 7, 2009

Matthew Robins: Science Fiction Double Feature

Last Saturday night I sat with friends on top of the BFI on South Bank, watching Matthew project beautiful things on to the Flytower. It was the best sort of summer night I can imagine having.
I had the job of filming the show with a little camcorder, and did so in a somewhat wobbly way because I was watching at the same time and laughing a lot. So now you can watch some of it too, although you won't likely be sitting in a deck-chair seeing it flicker across a bit of London Skyline. So if you wish you were, come along tomorrow night to the next instalment of the show - there will be another double feature of different little shows, and (I am told) a string quartet for accompaniment, besides the band.

First, there was a Flyboy adventure featuring a lovely giant robot. I don't have a video of that. But then there was the sad tale of the Wicker Cat, here it is.

And then: Nosferatu and Me.

So tomorrow, there will be the story of Flyboy and the Haunted Horse. And next Saturday we're all invited to bring knitted dinosaurs to become part of the show...
More information here.