Saturday, August 29, 2009

E-paper evangelising, and other things I did today

What a lovely Saturday I had... Alexia visited and we went to the studio to have a look at the dummy I made for the picture book she wrote, and she picked an artwork that I'll finish to present it with. We had a look at the room that I'm going to rent for life-drawing sessions as well, and talked about all the possibilities of having a space like that easily available for exhibitions and shows. - And I am thinking about making some picture books for e-readers. Just because I'm in love with one suddenly. I've not even met it yet... huh... I'm completely obsessed with the new Sony e-reader, the one with the touch-screen that is actually compatible with normal everyday text files - so I could read unpublished stories written by friends, finally read all the classic novels I can't face buying and putting on my too-small shelf space - and it looks like I could even annotate the texts with a stylus, so at last I could proof-read my own novel drafts without being glued to a computer all day, and without using up all my ink and paper to print YET ANOTHER VERSION only to mix it up with an earlier version and have to print it all over again... there's basically no way I won't be buying one as soon as they are out, whether I can afford it or not. I actually physically can't shut up about it. I have turned into an e-paper evangelist. I am in love. I want one now. OK I'm turning the computer off so I can't gaze at reviews any more....

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