Monday, August 31, 2009

Digital Pin Board Frenzy

I decided to have another day of novel writing, to rest my foot (which is hurting) and because it's going well.
I got a bit annoyed with the confusing mess of text files that have accumulated, too many different versions of files containing bits of text I'm not sure I will need... I've tried Celtx and liked it for script-writing, but not as much for novel-writing (although it really is not bad at all) for the simple and slightly silly reason that it won't let me write in white type on a blue background. I just don't feel like it's really going to be a novel if it's not white on blue. And OpenOffice lets me do that, so that's what I've been using.

So today I downloaded Scrivener. All I knew about it was that that it promised to allow me to pour all sorts of disorganised bits and bobs into it, make them look as silly as I want on-screen (white on blue, yes) and yet extract neat text files eventually.
So far it seems brilliant! For the first five minutes I was a bit annoyed about the idea of having a fake digital pin board instead of, well, a real one. I love pin boards. Then I reminded myself what size my cork board would have to be to accommodate all the projects I am trying to do at the moment, and that I do have a cork covered wall at the studio which is already taken up by picture books. And I discovered that Scrivener gives me not only one pin board, but a pin board view of every level of the project - that's even a board for every paragraph if I feel like it. Whoah!!! I went into a cork board frenzy migrating all the scattered text files into one neat scrivener file, and now I am b) gazing at all the impossible neatness feeling c) a sense of achievement and d) really hungry because I forgot to have a) breakfast (or lunch). Argh. Good thing there's a barbecue supposed to be going on in... argh, quarter of an hour ago, byeeee!

P.S. I also tried out Jer's Novel Writer - somehow I like that program even better, especially because you can make notes in the margin, which is something I like to do. But it's not quite as well suited for accommodating heaps of pictures and ramblings transferred from some portable device, which is what I need at the moment... would be ideal if I only had one computer.


Swati said...

Hope the barbecue was finger-licking-delicious :)

The digital pin board sounds nice, and it is exactly what I'd do too - keep organizing and sorting and forget to do everything else so I really loved your post today!

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was very tasty thank you!
Sorting and forgetting breakfast are my special super powers.