Friday, July 24, 2009

Storage device ramblings - but also a free DO NOT DISTURB sign for you.

I've not finished my script yet... everyone is walking through a very scary forest on page 111 and I'm having a cup of tea and a break.

But not a long break.

I'm slightly distracted by random mind-ramblings triggered by the tangle of projects I'm working on at the moment, especially:
Some time ago I bought a micro SD card for my mobile - I had not realised how cheap these little things have become. It's quite amazing, a few quid buy gigabytes of storage on a chip the size of a thumb-nail. Baffling. And at last a form of storage that appeals to me... I never got on with CD's (wasting lots by burning not quite the right files and burning multiple copies just-in-case) or external drives (what if it breaks and I lose EVERYTHING AT ONCE) or USB sticks (where am I supposed to keep them all? And I can never remember what's on which one. And they are slightly to expensive to not wipe and re-use them all the time) - but a small box of tiny neatly labeled memory chips, yes please! That's exactly what I've been expecting ever since watching Mr Spock deal with Stuff on telly. That'll sort my life right out.
I've already collected all the spare cards in the house (the low capacity ones that they give you with cameras and such) and filled them with music to stick into the otherwise pointless USB-in on my stereo. Yay.

Anyway, I just found this old thing which I'll print out (now that I have a colour printer) and hang on my door for the rest of this writing session.
Feel free to print one for yourself (I'm pretty sure I already posted this doggy ages ago, but hey ho so what.)

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