Friday, July 10, 2009

Old pictures

I'm still trying to work out a good way of sorting my photos. iPhoto is irritating me immensely, I want some way that is not date-based or event-based or look-who's-on-this-picture based but... sense-based, basically. Project-based. Ideas-based.
Anyway, I keep coming across old pictures that make me happy...


this was in-between the scenes of a film my friend Kris Loeer made years ago. I helped out a bit, mostly with the fake blood.


And this is Alexia in her most excellent pig-head on a beautiful day. Also years ago...


Gosh, old times. I am thinking back fondly now, which would have surprised me then. Life was all a bit Withnail and I, I just still don't know whether I was Withnail or I. Or if I was I, who was Withnail. Or otherwise. Not that it matters any more, now that everything is so shockingly well-sorted...



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