Sunday, July 5, 2009

Duck eggs, felt cats and colour coding

I have a sort of a feeling that I've not been communicating much, which is down to me working on... hmmm... how many books? Several. Each one has its own schedule, some of them colour-coded.


That's the one for my latest picture book. The colours mark out the different sorts of reference I need to get and other important things, red means "check what the dialogue is on this one" because I'm not writing the text. And scribbled out means DONE.
(The comic has a digital schedule, embedded into the project file, and the pirate book has a lot of marker pen scrawls in my diary saying YO HO HO.)

The drawings are getting done quite steadily... here's a detail. Can't show you much more yet.

High Five

Meanwhile, the comic is scripted up to page 20 and I just realised I mis-calculated the space I have for each episode in the book, but thankfully I mis-calculated downwards, after brutally stamping on the exposition until it fitted into a handful of pages I suddenly have amazing amounts of space for epic adventure in the middle part.

Meanwhile, I am having a reasonably quiet Sunday here. There's lots of tasty treats, Alexis and I went to Khan's Cash Emporium (no hang on, what is it called... never mind) to buy ingredients for some interesting curries (which he promptly cooked) and to Sainsbury's, where I bought some duck eggs. I love duck eggs. This morning I did my very favourite Sunday morning thing, which is sitting next to the cooker for twenty minutes, reading the paper and watching a pan full of duck eggs Not Quite Boil. It's important that they don't, then after twenty minutes they are absolutely perfect, with yolks like little orange pillows. So now I cn have one every morning until next weekend. Yay.

So now I'll tidy a bit, and make plans, and straighten out my old cat puppet who is scheduled for an appearance at a reading next week-end.

Cat Puppet

he's been chewed by the canary a bit, I wonder how to straighten out his whiskers...

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