Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cat Break

Good Morning!


Aaah, I'm having a cat-flavoured mini holiday again, cat-sitting in Forest Hill.
I went to the Horniman Museum yesterday, which was interesting and relaxing, and on the way back I bought a bag full of nice food which I shall leisurely consume today and tomorrow. I've already had the nachos and guacamole, today I'll graduate to artichokes and small tasty joghurts. I'm even having proper breakfast cereal with milk, for goodness' sake. - The cats woke me up by pressing the reboot button which is my nose, and I fed them and cuddled them and now they are out probably killing something small. I'll draw them when they are back, I've got an old typescript here the back of which should be covered in cat studies.


I finished the first draft of the comic script, and I won't touch it until Tuesday or so - then I'll read it back to myself and fix it up a bit, taking out all the foreshadowing of scenes that never happen and giving some dialogue to characters I forgot halfway through, and generally making it more funny and exciting.
Hm, there are swifts and parakeets outside making lovely bird noises. Good Sunday so far.

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