Sunday, July 12, 2009


London artist Matthew Robins needs dinosaurs for his show, so obviously we should all knit one.
The show is called "Walter Knitty" and will be performed at the National Theatre's Flytower on Saturday the 15th of August, turn up before 10PM with your knitted dinosaur and it will become an extra in the show. And there's a prize for the best one, if that's not enough excitement for you.
Here's Matthew's website, so you can see the kind of thing he does... and even if you don't make a dinosaur (booo!) you should come and see the show, because it will be brilliant, beautiful and funny.
You can also find his contact details on his page, I think he'll be happy if you send him pictures of your dinosuars in progress.
wool for dinosaur
This will be my one, incidentally.

Here's some more information about Watch This Space, part of which this event will be.

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